Singin’ a New Song with Susan



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01 – Shir Chadash – A New Song

02 – The World Is A Circle

03 – Life is Good

04 – Jonah And The Whale

05 – Generation To Generation – L’dor Vador

06 – The Unicorn

07 – Forever Young

08 – Brand New Day

09 – Boker Tov, Boker Or

10 – Hiney Mah Tov – How Good It Is

11 – We Are The Light – Or Lagoyim

12 – Benediction

First Released In June 2013


Executive Producer:
Susan Shane-Linder of Susan Shane-Linder Productions

Arranged & Produced by:
Paul Hoyle

Electric Bass, Pianos, Percussion, Ukelele performed by:
Paul Hoyle

Paul Hoyle & Susan Shane-Linder

Trumpet & Trombone:
Peter Freudenberger

Kids Choir:
Susie Silberfarb (9), Joey Silberfarb (6), Seth Silberfarb (3)  & Jillian Gelfand (13)

Forever Young Solo:
David Evan Linder, 21 years old

Hiney Mah Tov Solo:
Cantor Rachelle Nelson, Temple Beth Am, Miami, Florida

Back-up Singers:
Paul Hoyle, Amazing, Awesome, Extraordinarily Talented Man David Linder, My Pride & Joy Mitzi Schepps, Best Friend Forever Cantor Rachelle Nelson, Temple Beth Am, Miami, Florida Cantor Lisa Segal, Temple Beth Sholom, Miami Beach, Florida  Cantor Kenny Ellis, Temple Beth Ami in Santa Clarita, CA

Original Songs:
Shir Chadash – A New Song © 2013
Life is Good © 2013
Generation to Generation – L’dor Vador © 2013
Hiney Mah Tov – How Good It Is © 2013 (Dedicated to those who raced in rather than those who raced out during the bombings in Boston April 2013)
We Are The Light – Or LaGoyim © 2013
Benediction © 2013 (Inspired By:  Rabbi Richard Agler, & the Clergy at Congregation B’nai Israel, Boca Raton, FL)

Music by:
Paul Hoyle

Lyrics by:
Susan Shane-Linder and Paul Hoyle

Published by:
Olde Bear Music (ASCAP)

Special Thanks To:

  • Paul Hoyle for your magic, wisdom and talent.  You’re amazing!
  • Rey Monroig for your talent, photos and time.  Watch for the train.
  • David Linder, Mitzi Schepps, Cantor Lisa Segal, Cantor Rachelle Nelson, Cantor Kenny Ellis & Peter Freudenberger for your magical voices, and tremendous talent.
  • Susie, Joey & Seth Silberfarb and Jillian Gelfand. I hope you had a blast.  Don’t get wet!
  • Michael, David and Scootie for your support, love, patience and confidence.
  • My family for their encouragement, love confidence and promotions
  • My friends for all their support and confidence. Thanks for believing in me.
  • The Clergy, Teachers, Students & Friends at Congregation B’nai Israel, Boca Raton, FL for your love and support.  Life is Good!

Dedicated to my “Pride & Joy!”  David Evan Linder


Cover Songs Recorded with permission:
The World is a Circle – from How Good
Music & Lyrics by Craig Taubman
©Sweet Louise Music BMI 1991

Jonah – from Songs for Growin’
Music & Lyrics by Kol B’seder

The Unicorn – Shel Silverstein ©1962

Forever Young – Bob Dylan ©1974

Brand New Day – from Bring The Sabbath Home
Words & Music by Ellen Allard ©2001 80-Z Music, Inc. 

Boker Tov, Boker Or
Words & Music by Ellen Allard ©2001 80-Z Music, Inc. 

Recorded and Mixed at:
Olde Bear Music Studios, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Art Direction:
Rey Monroig, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Cover Photo:
Rey Monroig , Miami, Florida, U.S.A.

Singin’ a New Song with Susan