Life Is Good When You’re Singin’ with Susan

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01 – Let’s Make Good Choices

02 – A Bushel and a Peck

03 – Laughing is the Same

04 – What a Day

05 – You Came Home My Old Friend

06 – The I Love You Lullaby

07 – Forever Young

08 – Up a Lazy River

09 – You Should Learn Kindness

10 – I Want to Sing You a Happy Birthday

11 – Tradition

12 – Life is Good

A little bit about “Life is Good when you’re Singin’ With Susan”

I get my vibes to write my songs from the students I teach and the world around me. I wrote “Let’s Make Good Choices” & “You Should Learn Kindness” by watching my students and watching the world around me. Sometimes I have to remind the children to be kind and to make good choices. Then, I look at the world around me and think, no matter what your views are, we need to remember to be kind and to make good choices. Our world would be a better place.

“You Came Home My Old Friend” really wrote itself. It’s a true story about my very first guitar coming back to me after being gone for over 36 years. (See Gallery Below)

“A Bushel and a Peck” is a song my dad Marty Shane sang to me and to my brothers.
He also sang it to my son David. It’s a song that many parents and grandparents have sung to their children and grandchildren. I lost my father in Oct. of 2015. I sang this song on my CD to always remember my daddy.

“Up A Lazy River” is a song that my Uncle Cliff Suchman used to sing with his bestfriends/fraternity brothers for many years. He and his friends were known as the Lazy River Boys. I lost my Uncle in February of 2015. So, I invited my Aunt Betty and my cousins Dan, Larry, Steve and Pam Suchman to come to the studio and sing this song on my CD to leave a living legacy to Uncle Cliff. Aunt Betty, Larry & Pam were able to come and Steve and Dan sent their blessings and wishes.

Tradition was written because I love doing things that my parents did. I try to share some of these “rituals” with my son David and hopefully he will share some with his children one day. Like holiday dinners are always with family. I want my audience to think about something special that they do with their family because someone before them did it also. And to hope that one day in the future, it will be passed on too.

“I Want To Sing You A Happy Birthday” is something Paul Hoyle and I wrote just because we wanted to sing a new Happy Birthday song. I sing Happy Birthday to so many people (almost daily) that I thought….why not write a new one. So, we did.

“Laughing is the Same” was inspired by the smiles and laughs I share with EVERYONE I know. I realized that from the littlest ones to the biggest ones, laughing is the same. No matter where you come from, and no matter where you go, laughing is the same.

“Life is Good”! This is my mantra. They are words I try to live by. I wanted to send a positive message to the world about living a good life. Think positive and see the world in a happy way.

“The I Love You Lullaby” actually called “I L.O.V.E. Y.O.U.” is a song that I did NOT write. But it is a song that I used to play for David when he was a baby and it meant so much to me that I wanted to share it with you.

First Released in July 2017

Executive Producer: Susan Shane-Linder of
Susan Shane-Linder Productions
Arranged & Produced by: Paul Hoyle
Original Songs Published by: Paul Hoyle – Olde Bear Music Studio, Miami, FL
Electric Bass, Pianos, Percussion, Ukelele:
Paul Hoyle
Guitars: Paul Hoyle & Susan Shane-Linder
Keyboard in “Tradition”: Eve Nelson
Forever Young Solo: David Evan Linder, 21 yrs old
Back-up Singers: Paul Hoyle, David Linder,
Adina Sharfstein, Kenny Ellis, Joe Buchanan,
Cantor Lisa Segal, Aunt Betty Suchman,
Cousins Larry Suchman & Pam Suchman

Original Songs:
Life is Good © 2013
You Came Home My Old Friend © 2015
(the story of my 1st guitar)
You Should Learn Kindness © 2017
Let’s Make Good Choices © 2017
Laughing is the Same © 2017
I Want to Sing You a Happy Birthday © 2017
Tradition © 2017
Music by: Paul Hoyle
Lyrics by: Susan Shane-Linder and Paul Hoyle

Cover Songs Recorded with permission: What A Day
Music & Lyrics by: Craig Taubman © Sweet Louise Music BMI 1991

Forever Young by: Bob Dylan © 1974

A Bushel and a Peck from Guys and Dolls in honor & memory of my daddy, Martin Shane 1931-2015
Words & Music by: Frank Loesser Published 1950

Up A Lazy River sung by: The Mills Brothers
in honor & memory of my Uncle Cliff Suchman 1930-2015
Words & Music by: Hoagy Carmichael & Sidney Arodin, published 1930

The I Love You Lullaby (I L.O.V.E. Y.O.U.)  written by William McDuffee &
Barry Winslow
Used by permission of Prime Time Music (A div. of J Aaron Brown & Assoc. Inc)

Recorded and Mixed at: Paul Hoyle – Olde Bear Music Studio, Miami, FL ASCAP

Artwork, Design & Layout: Erin Rosado, His & Her Studio, Boca Raton, FL
Cover Photos: Larry Shane, Larry Shane Photography, Miami, FL

Life Is Good When You’re Singin’ with Susan